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Have you been looking for a way to help your child improve his or her outlook on life?

Educator Dorothy Lecours has. She has written an amazing new book that guides

children to reach out with their minds to achieve their dreams with positive thoughts.

Learn the secret power of words and how the law of attraction affects your child's life,

thanks to a new book by Wolcott, Connecticut, Author: Dorothy A. Lecours.





Grace and Jace are two very special children on a very

important mission. Follow along with them on their colorful

adventures as they discover the secret of using the law of

attraction to make their dreams come true! They teach your

child to focus on being healthy, abundant, happy, and grateful,

so as to create a very positive reality for your child. Find out

more about them when you read our children's book.



Word Wisdom

Grace and Jace have many lessons to teach your child. One

very important one is that the WORDS you send out into the

UNIVERSE affect the feelings and dreams that come back to



Empower your child to use the words "I AM" at the beginning

of every statement to develop positive feelings, thoughts, and

actions of gratitude.


  " The Eyes are the windows for the SOUL."

 Create empowering I AM .... Wishes while   LOOKING into a mirror gazing at your eyes.

 Plant  I AM.........seeds of Gratitude, Joy,   Enthusiasm, Confidence, and Inspiration at   the beginning and end of each day. 


For the most powerful effects, ELIMINATE these negative words from your child's vocabulary: No, Don't, Not, and Can't because they ATTRACT the EXACT opposite of what is WANTED.

WORDS have tremendous ENERGY when they get PERFECTLY matched. Restate all thoughts to FOCUS on what you WANT to happen. Help your child to become a DELIBERATE CREATOR.




"Don't Fall" change to WALK Carefully.


"Don't Talk" change to LISTEN to all the wonderful information

being given.


"No Running" change to Let's WALK as quiet as a mouse.


" Can't Do This" change to I'll FIGURE out HOW to do this.


" Don't Be Messy" change to Having an ORGANIZED room

  is so COOL.




Please watch the video of our favorite Law of Attraction

teacher, Michael Losier. He provides extraordinary wisdom

to develop this powerful Law of Attraction concept.


About Dorothy Lecours

Dorothy Lecours taught first grade at B.W.

Tinker School in Waterbury,CT for 35 years.

The best of what she gathered from her

educational experiences has been selectively

compiled into her children's book in a fun

and engaging narrative that will have your

child turning page after page. In this way,

she teaches children the basic fact that how

you act and think attracts positive outcomes

to you.

Dorothy Lecours, engaging book 
teaches the secret 
power of words to your child by using the Law of Attraction.